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Bracknell Forest Travelshare has been set up to provide a journey matching service for anyone who lives, works or travels in and around Bracknell Forest. Whether you currently drive alone, don't own a car but need a lift, or even if you walk or cycle, this site is for you.

  • Save Money (fuel, daily wear and tear)
  • Help reduce CO2 emissions
  • Meet new work colleagues
  • Lower your commuting stress

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The cost of fuel makes the case for car-sharing overwhelming. I estimate my car pool keeps about £150 a month in my pocket that would otherwise glug down my filler cap. At typical levels of taxation, thatís equivalent to a salary rise of £2,500.


When my lift-share and I first met, we agreed to meet at the local pub first of all. Just to make sure one of us didnít have two heads or anything like that! Weíve done the same every time: whenever we add a new member to the team, we arrange to meet them first in the local pub.


We have all become good friends through car-sharing. Thereís a lot of conversation and humour, and we regularly socialise outside of travelling to work Ė going to pub quizzes, go-karting and inviting each other to parties.


Iíve never had any concerns about safety. I met my lift-share before we took our first journey; I was with my husband and he was with his partner and his children, out walking in the village, and it was very easy.


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